Hainer series mobile cooperative robot
RoboHeiner series of mobile cooperative robots can flexibly control cooperative robots, mobile chassis, vision, end claws and other devices. Multi-in-one control system brings a simple and convenient, safe and reliable, flexible expansion, efficient collaborative full-scene interactive experience, can flexibly adapt to a variety of working environments, save complicated operations, and complete a variety of complex tasks through hand-eye-foot cooperation.
Characteristics and advantages
∨ many-in-one

The multi-in-one control system can flexibly control cooperative robots, mobile chassis, vision and other devices, saving complicated operations and realizing one-click collaborative experience.

Direct access to ∨ information

Obtain the status of each equipment in real time, and the information can be transferred directly and seamlessly in one step. The robotic arm instructor can read the moving chassis position, speed, electricity, Imax O display and control, laser blocking status, navigation status, alarm log, etc.

Flexible expansion of ∨

It can flexibly match cooperative robots with different loads, mobile chassis, 2D/3D vision, terminal tools, etc., to achieve efficient collaborative expansion across devices, and to meet the load and scene needs of different industries.

∨ is easy to use.

The programming of cooperative robot, mobile chassis and vision system is integrated into the same programming software. flowchart programming has task module software that allows users to edit, and users can design the behavior of the robot according to their own needs. vision-guided manipulator is used to achieve high-precision positioning, which is compatible with traditional programming methods and reduces the difficulty of system use.

∨ security scheduling

The use of high-precision SLAM lidar for navigation and positioning, two-wheel differential motion control, more stable movement of laser data security assistance, personnel close to the mobile chassis, the manipulator slows down to ensure safety

∨ cooperative work

Through the multi-in-one control system, cooperative control of cooperative robot, mobile chassis, vision and other devices can be realized, and stand-alone operation and multi-level scheduling scheme can be supported.

Product model AUBO-AMR300 External dimensions (length * width * height) 1000*700*600mm (excluding manipulator height), tolerance ±2mm Load surface dimensions (length * width) 650*620mm, tolerance ±2mm Dead weight 250Kg (excl. robotic arms) Maximum load 300Kg (including manipulator and vehicle weight) Drive mode two-wheel differential drive Number of laser sensors 2
Basic performance
Sports performance
Maximum speed 1.3m/s Work speed forward: 1.0m/s (configurable), backward: 1.0m/s (configurable) Turning radius 0mm Radius of rotation 550mm Climbing ability 6 ° Obstacle height 10mm Seam width 30mm Ground clearance 25mm Walk channel width ≥ 900mm Rotary channel width ≥ 1300mm Site positioning accuracy ±10mm Ground smoothness 6mm
Endurance performance
Battery capacity 48V 52Ah, lithium battery Charger power supply parameters 220V 800-1000W Flight duration 6h (300Kg fully loaded) Battery life is 800C (DOD 100%), capacity retention is 80% Charging mode: manual charging or automatic charging: maximum charging current 15A Charging time 3 h (from 15% to 95%)
Optional equipment
The manipulator can be equipped with AUBO-i5 and AUBO-i10 The 2D camera can adapt to the industrial 2D camera, using the eye on the hand form, can achieve 2.5D positioning, positioning accuracy can reach 0.5mm 3D camera can be adapted to structured light camera, binocular 3D camera, etc., using eye on the hand form, 3D positioning accuracy can reach 1mm The electric claw can be adapted to two-finger adaptive electric claw, three-finger adaptive electric claw, two-finger parallel electric claw, etc.
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  • Side view

  • Top view

Product size